How the Tank Defend Properly

2018-09-19 17:57:33
In the game, gamers will become the armored commander who drives the tanks that are known as the king of the land war. It is no longer a barehanded battle. From the moment of landing, gamers need to search for resources scattered around and arm yourself in the battle.

There are so many players in the game, and only one team can win. In addition, no one will give up easily. Hidden and ambushed become essential skills for survival in the game. There is no absolute security. When other players discover it, it is necessary to timely avoid the artillery attack and use the terrain and props to effectively counterattack.
There is competition everywhere in the battle for survival. Gamers could choose to hide themselves to avoid engagement and strive to reach the final finals. However, the forced to battle in warfare is a situation that should be faced, and it is extremely urgent to take necessary defense measures. If the armor, firepower, and maintenance props are sufficient to take a positive confrontation. If the resources are evenly matched, they should be evaded and wait for opportunities.
The favorable props to defend opponents' attacks are "mines". A mine could be buried on the road that must pass. So that the opponent who is in superiority and pursues himself will suffer a lot of damage in an instant, and instantly change the balance of the battle.

The red area on the way is the mine that has just been pressed. There will be a short warning time. During this period, gamers need to leave the detonation area. When the warning is over, any tank entering the area will detonate the mine.
Careful search and reasonable fit are the key to winning. The ambushes, raids, bombings and the use of weapons. There is no absolute advantage that only the game of randomness. Gamers need to calm down, be brave and be good at war to become the last king. Welcome to join the battle of the "Refight: Burning Engine".



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