Challenges system illustration

2018-11-26 09:29:46
《Refight:burning engine》has put challenges system online on November 15th.It contains rookie,battle pass,season and weekly challenges.
Rookie challenges
Rookie challenges are all goals easy to reach.Players will be awarded with considerable amount of stars to level up battle pass when finishing rookie challenges and once finishing all,players will get the ultimate reward.

Battle pass challenges
Players will get corresponding reward when the battle pass reach the specified level,and will get the ultimate reward when finishing all challenges.

Season challenges
There will come weekly challenges soon after the season starts.Weekly challenges will be released in time order.By finishing weekly challenges,players can not only get corresponding weekly reward but even get extra rare reward.

Weekly challenges contain silver and gold challenges.Silver challenges are directly released while gold challenges,which can provide mass of battle stars,can only be unlocked after buying gold battle pass.



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