Recruitment of streamers now on going

2018-12-20 09:21:01
From December 20th(this Thursday),《Refight:Burning Engine》 together with Huya.com will start the recruitment of streamers.This activity will last 1 week and Provide fairly generous rewards.Participate soon!
Activity time
How to participate
1.Fill in the registration form:https://hd.huya.com/h5/register/index.html?id=1465 
2.Join our QQ group:964392600
3.Download the game:https://store.steampowered.com/app/773520/RefightBurning_Engine/
and live stream in “Refight:Burning Engine” area in Huya.com
4.You can also download Huya app on mobile devices,find the recruitment from“discover-activity center-streamers recruitment”,click the“register” and join QQ group.Or sign up through “activity-streamers recruitment” of Huya assistant/Huya mobile games live stream tool.
Welfare of live stream
一、Duration rewards(who hangs up will be disqualified):
1st:15000 gold in game
2nd:12000 gold in game
3rd:9000 gold in game
4th- 7th:8000 gold in game
8th-12th :6000 gold in game
二、Ranking rewards:
Players who ranks top 5 in the game can be rewarded with gold battle pass and Christmas suit.
Participation rewards:streamers who live stream our game totally more than 10 hours during the activity will be rewarded with 1000 gold in the game.
1.We just admit the duration you have live streamed 《Refight:burning engine》for but not any other games.
2.Official staff will observe all the way during the activity.Once found who hangs up,cheats on popularity or does some other bad behaviors,we will disqualified him.
3.You can only live stream on Huya.com or you will be disqualified.
4.Live streamers who participate must fill in the registration form and join the QQ group.Otherwise we cant award you.
5.All the right of final explanation belongs to 《Refight:burning engine》and Huya.com.



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