Snowflakes are falling, bells are ringing

2018-12-20 09:29:36
Dear friends,
The Christmas Season of Refight: Burning Engine begins on December 13.
What will be in this update?
The new Christmas elements and the seasonal atmosphere of the hall are waiting for you.
In Refight: Burning Engine, Christmas is a time of laughter and real enjoyment.
Snowflakes are falling, bells are ringing, and new fashions are coming online.
This time we have brought a number of Christmas theme parachutes. Which the parachute with Christmas hat is the most festive. The classic conical shape with some sparkling stars adorning the period, is quite lovely. Give your friend a "Santa Hat" that will warm him up and make him the most eye-catching tank in the clear sky. Flying over the Snow Mountains, it feels like a giant Santa from the sky and bringing joy to everyone.

Weight Pack
In the previous games, the weight packs were all realistic, which seemed to be used to load heavy objects. Nevertheless, the Christmas themed weight-bearing bag changed its previous style and was made into a small Christmas gift box to cater to the Christmas atmosphere. Just imagine, your teammates come from a distance, carrying a large number of small Christmas gift boxes behind them. Are you looking forward to him to give you a 140mm gun barrel as a gift?
The finale is the fashion of tank. The red background of tank is Christmassy. A cabinet and lovely white antler on the top of tank likes a clingy little demon. In addition, there are some muddy mottled patterns on the tank body, which makes the fashion of this body not only lose the prestige of tank. "Merry Christmas" is also written on the gun barrel. Because of your tank looks so sweet, the enemies cannot bear to fire when they find you.
Hall Scene
In addition to updates to the facade, we also renovated the hall scene. The garage ceiling small flags flutter, a few small stars decorated, decorated by balls, streamers Christmas tree is also essential, under the Christmas tree also put a lot of Christmas gift boxes. In the meantime, the festive atmosphere of Christmas must be quite strong.
The above is basically all the Christmas update content. Do you looking forward to it? Snow is falling, bells are ringing, and have a nice Christmas in Refight: Burning Engine with your friends.
Searching carefully, fitting reasonably, and driving the favorite tanks immersed in Refight: Burning Engine with strong armor and powerful cannonball.



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