New version preview——mysterious forest map

2019-01-11 09:31:50
January 10th  cloudy
It has been two months since 《refight:burning engine》(early access) landed steam. I have a impression that all the updates of our game are just somethings normal like new skins and battle pass.So I guess our game will make big noise—a big update—after such a long silent,especially considering the coming of the Spring Festival,Chinese biggest day.
Besides,I have also received lots of questions about our new version.But our game designers just don't speak even a word whatever I ask.So today I decide to have a search on designers’ computers when they are trapped in meeting.
Mysterious forest
A familiar as well as strange forest map come into sight when I turn on the computer.
This map should be included in 《refight:burning engine》,but how can I haven’t seen it before?
Gazing into this original and wild forest,I bet you guys want to have an outing here now!
But in fact,this forest will must become a best area for sniping as dense forest is a natural barrier.I can feel it is so unfriendly to players like me who don't have sharp eyes.
This downed helicopter also hints that this area is not that peaceful as it seems.An atmosphere of imminent war spread in the air.
Well,that’s all today because designers’ meeting is going to over.See you guys next time~



Development note——accuracy&armors

Snowflakes are falling, bells are ringing