Development note——accuracy&armors

2019-01-18 15:52:10
anuary 18th Sunny
I bet you guys don't expect me appear again that soon.Actually,because of my numerous begging,one of our designers is finally willing to tell me something hardcore about new version.So here are big news I bring to you guys today.
These two pictures show that different parts of tank’s and turret’s armors will be distinguished by different colors.It is said that different colors mean different thickness of armors.And only after piercing armors can players hurt tanks.
Inter structure
We may introduce inter structure into our new version,and even more,the drivers.During battles,damage on different parts of tanks will cause different debuffs.For example,damage on ammunition rack may cause detonation,breechblock may influence firing.
Adjustment on guns
At last,the designer tells me that differences,such as damage and accuracy, between guns&guns,guns parts&guns parts will be amplified.And besides,different actions done by tanks will also have different impacts.All these adjustments will make our tanks control and game experience better.
So that’s all today,see ya next time.



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