How does the Tank Survive on the Battlefield?

2018-09-19 17:44:06

Airborne site selection and avoiding clusters.
The skydiving could be drifted during the descent. Insufficient ammunition in the early stage, try to avoid popular areas with many people could significantly improve the chances of survival. And it is especially important to survive the weak period.

Quickly collect materials after landing, move with goals, and avoid combat as much as possible. It is not unfavorable to reserve sufficient resources and arming yourself is the key to success.

Use bunkers and pay attention to hiding.
Hillsides and buildings are excellent shelters against the fire of artillery; trees and grasses are natural obstructions that provide great concealment. Hidden and discovery is like a hunter and prey. When fighting is inevitable, players need to make good use of all favorable conditions.

Familiar with weapons and use they well.
The 75 cannon is suitable for close combat, explosive output, and sports combat. The 100 cannon is balanced, suitable for medium and long-distance output. The 140 cannon are filled slowly, spread, and powerful.

Diligent support and guarantee durability.
The tank has a long field of vision, high precision and large volume and it has injured one thousand and lost eight hundred. Bombers, artillery support and anti-tank missiles are the key to success. Smoke bombs can hide themselves instantly. The repair box maintains its durability for the next battle.

Edge movement and final battle.
While avoiding the nuclear explosion, try to patrol the edge of the radiation circle as much as possible to avoid encountering enemies in the four sides and attacking opponents in the circle to reduce your battle area as much as possible. Arrived at the edge of the safe zone as soon as possible after reaching the final battle.

The test server is currently open. The battle situation of the tank is ever changing. Only when they cooperate with each other and calm down, the other party can win. Welcome to join the battle of Refight: Burning Engine.



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