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2018-09-29 15:52:02
Player-NPC Dialogue
Q=Player, A=Veteran or other NPC name

Q: I really want to play Refight: Burning Engine, but how could I enter the game?
A:The game is in the final optimization and will meet you soon.

Q: There are a lot of tanks, which one should I choose?
A: Initially there are 3 tanks to choose from, namely T55, M60 and leopard-1. MK6 is also available after level 30. All tanks could be obtained through the game currency. So you could play what you want to play.

Q: What are the gameplays?
A: Personal mode and team mode are open currently. The main gameplay is to carry out the battle of tanks on the island of 6000*6000. During the period, you could take various props, such as artillery, shells, armor, engines and other components to strengthen yourself. The goal is to become the last war lord.

Q: The appearance of other people's tanks is handsome. How could I get it?
A: The game could be used for DIY configuration of most tank parts, including parachute, knapsack, flag, color, camouflage and decal.

Q: Could you tell me the game currency would be difficult to obtain?
A: Nope. The game system contains a lot of game coins and experience, so you could easily reach level 30 and control MK6.

Q: Thank you, I couldn’t wait and wanna play it right now.
A: You are welcome, our program is working overtime to make the final optimization. I believe I will meet you soon.

Q: Veteran, what should I do if I couldn’t beat others?
A: Don't be discouraged, the game contains a data logging system and an achievement system. Summarize your experience and make persistent efforts. The next warlord is you.

Q: How could I make a master in the game?
A: The built-in leaderboard function in the game could quickly see the record of the master, but also add their friends and exchange experience.

Q: Thank you, I have to continue to practice hard.
A: Well, I am optimistic about you. I wish you are the new warlord.



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