October 19th update announcement

2018-10-18 18:10:14
Maintenance time:
October 19th, 2018 3:00~5:00  NA
October 19th, 2018 15:00~17:00  Asia

Update content:

1.Add the display of the server's ping.

2.Add a new server:Other Zone
3.Add the game-loding tips
140mm artillery only fit for T55; 75mm artillery only fit for Leopard 1.
Press C Key to show tank parts' name within a 100m radius around youself.
Press R key to reloading shells.
Press T Key to talk to your teammates or others.
Press NumLock Key,your tank will drive itself.4.Add match times tips

5.Add a Early Access tip at the upper right corner of the hall
6.Adjustment of 140mm artillery、120/125mm artillery
7.Adjust the cursor performance in the game
8.Modify the location of artillery loading tips during battle

9.Skill items of artillery support and bomber don't refresh anymore in the battlefield.
10.Add 3s-5s to the display time of blood arc when getting hit
11.Modify the english translation of some contents
12.Modify the custom service performance after continually firing and high ping
13.Optimize the grassland effect in battle scene.
14.Optimize the network environment of the server.



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