Emotion Function

2018-12-24 09:24:45
Refight: Burning Engine is a military and military armor survival and confrontation TPS game independently developed by Fantian Game with UE4. Its goal is to create a realistic tank battlefield for gamers.
 The Steam version has updated its emoticons system to allow players to express themselves in combat using emoticons recently. Not only that, but other players can communicate with each other.
Emotion Function
The players could express themselves by different emotions in Refight: Burning Engine and though war order、challenge and game store to get all the emptions.
The "Bao" in the 10th rank of the current season reward is the expression. It can be obtained free of charge by upgrading the ranks.
In the lobby, select “Modify” to enter the expression wheel interface. Here you can equip, replace and unload emotions. And you can equip 6 emoticons for use in the game.
Press the V key to call out the emotion interface in the game. And the mouse selects the corresponding emotion to display the corresponding expression on the tank.
Searching carefully, fitting reasonably, and driving the favorite tanks immersed in Refight: Burning Engine with strong armor and powerful cannonball.



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