4.15 update note

2019-04-12 17:52:10
Maintenance time: 
2019.04.15 14:00~18:00     Asia
2019.04.15 2:00~6:00          NA
Given the circumstances, the specific time may be changed.

1.The new season is open - Tron Legacy, reset the season level and ladder ranking.
2.Add the skin for the all-new season kit collection
3.Add a new vehicle suit system and obtain the package fragments by upgrading the battle order. You can redeem the corresponding vehicle suit skin in the debris store.
4.Add invite friends feature, new players recruited to reach level 8 to get premium rewards.

5.Add the player card custom function, you can now customize the business card and business card box.

6.Added season preview function to visually display season level, season level rewards, experience, recommended tasks, etc.

7.Add a friend private chat function.

8.In the hall modification interface to add flame and load the background image DIY function.

9.Add the team chat function.
10.During the battle preparation, a new game which is to attack the flying object was added.
11.The combat backpack display has been revised. It is more intuitive to display the props.

12.AP:Discription: Basic shell, armor piercing ability is general, medium damage, cause no damage when not piercing or after ricocheted.
HE:Discription: Basic shell, no armor piercing ability, high damage, always can cause damage, damage is affected by armor.
APHE:Discription: Advanced shell, have normal armor piercing ability, medium damage, always have damage, will cause tremendous damage after piercing the armor.
HEAT:Discription: Advanced shell, have strong armor piercing ability, medium damage, cause no damage when not piercing or after ricocheted
APFSDS:Discription: Ultimate shell, have the strongest armor piercing ability, high damage, cause no damage when not piercing or after ricocheted

13.Optimize the appearance of the M60 and Leopard 1's third-grade armor.
14.Optimize the textual description of tank armor and internal structure.

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