4.18 update note

2019-04-17 17:06:33

Maintenance time:
4.18, 2019 16:00~18:00  Asia
4.18, 2019 4:00~6:00   NA

Specific maintenance time will be advanced or delayed as appropriate

Update content:

1.Fix the bug that the maximum load for the bag will become 0 when reconnected. 
2.Fix the bug that descriptions of items on the ground dont contain the weights in the bag interface.
3.Fix the bug that fire control parts may disappear sometimes.
4.Now lower grade fire control parts will not replace the higher grades when players
right click them.
5.Fix the bug of the breakdown depth from AI’s shells.
6.Show the names of shells on the ground.
7.Now smoke bombs will be equipped automatically soon after landing.
8.Increase the loading CD of 100mm/105mm gun equipped with bandolier a little bit.
9.Add some guidance for players. 
10.Fix some bugs we’ve known and improve our sever.


If you get any bugs or suggestions,please leave your comments under the Steam community post or E-mail us:publish@fantiangame.com for further feedback.Thank you for your support.
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