4.25 update note

2019-04-24 10:02:30

Maintenance time:
4.25, 2019 16:00~18:00  Asia
4.25, 2019 4:00~6:00   NA

Specific maintenance time will be advanced or delayed as appropriate

Update content:

1.100mm gun and 105mm gun are unified into 100mm/105mm gun
2.Players can now click the  daily recommended missions to jump to the daily missions interface.
3.There will be a exclamatory mark above the “invent friends”button to remind you of available rewards.
4.There will be tips in the waiting hall for available DLC rewards.
5.Fix the bug that the “new” marks of new items may appear by mistake in the tanks refitting interface sometimes.
6.Optimize the glittering effect of the Tron-Legacy suit.
7.Optimize the names and descriptions of some items.
8.Optimize the display of routes during parachute jumping.

If you get any bugs or suggestions,please leave your comments under the Steam community post or E-mail us:publish@fantiangame.com for further feedback.Thank you for your support.
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