6.28 update note

2019-06-27 17:13:12
Maintenance time:
6 28, 2019 14:00~16:00  Asia
6 27, 2019 22:00~00:00   NA
Specific maintenance time will be advanced or delayed as appropriate
Update content:
1,Fix the bug that all skill items,armors,engines and fire-control parts cant be
displayed correctly in the equipment interface when players reconnect to the game.
2,Add destruction effects for exterior armors destroyed during fight.
3,Change some contents of sign-in,friends invention and career rewards,such as removing some outdated items.
4,Slightly weaken M60’s front armors of turret.
5,We add a composite forepart armor for MK6 to enhance its confrontation ability  in encounter.
6,Optimize the UI of shop,refitting system and challenges system.Now players can know functions they need more clearly.

7,Add some new package goods.

If you get any bugs or suggestions,please leave your comments under the Steam community post or E-mail us:publish@fantiangame.com for further feedback.Thank you for your support.

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