11.21 update note

2019-11-20 16:19:10

Maintenance time:
11.21, 2019 14:00~16:00  Asia
11.21, 2019 1:00~3:00   NA

Specific maintenance time will be advanced or delayed as appropriate

Update content:

1.Fix the BUG that it is difficult to add camouflage in some times.
2. Fix a BUG with two tanks of your own in the game hall on some occasions.
3. Optimize the display effect of some maps in the battle scene.
4. Optimize the lighting display of teammate vehicles during team formation in the hall to make it more realistic.
5. Optimize partial effect performance at the lowest effect
6. Optimized for displaying blur when the graphics card configuration is too low.

If you get any bugs or suggestions,please leave your comments under the Steam community post or E-mail us:publish@fantiangame.com for further feedback.Thank you for your support.
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