11.29 update note

2019-11-27 09:22:22

Maintenance time:
11.29, 2019 17:00~19:00  Asia
11.29, 2019 1:00~3:00   NA

Specific maintenance time will be advanced or delayed as appropriate

Update content:

1.In the Novice Guide level, the ability to display strokes when aiming at enemy tanks has been added to make them more visible. And add the new winning background music.
2.Add the function that to press the "U" key in the lobby to mask the UI.
3.Solve the BUG that the shell casing and cannot be fired in some cases.
4.Solve the problem of not being able to click the add button when searching for a friend.
5.Add part boot and optimize texture effects for battle scenes.
6.Solve the BUG of difficult to open boxes in some cases.

If you get any bugs or suggestions,please leave your comments under the Steam community post or E-mail us:publish@fantiangame.com for further feedback.Thank you for your support.
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