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Ancient Relic Monitoring Station Power Station HarBour City North Farm Central City Airport Military Base

Ancient Relic

The pyramids left by the ancient Maya culture.

Monitoring Station

There is a busy logging farm at the foot of military radar monitoring station.

Power Station

At the corner of the map, there is a large nuclear power plant with a huge chimney.

HarBour City

There are many pleasure boats and speedboats on the shore in the well-developed HarBour City.

North Farm

The golden wheat fields are boundless. The waterfall is flowing in the distance and a large field of wheat occupies a large piece of land on the farm.

Central City

The central city with most buildings in the game is located in the center of the map.


A large civilian airport is located on the coast.

Military Base

The military base has been expanded compared to the previous map and a small military airport has been added.