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  • mode outline

    Based on the solo and squad mode,the concept of camps is introduced into the JOINT ACTION ,a brand new game mode.As a member of a 3-players team,our player should join in a camp to fight against each other in this 15VS15 mode.Besides,we design a resurrection system for this mode,which means players can die for times and find much more fun in each game.

  • Camps confrontation

    ·  30 players divided into two camps.
    ·  One kill for one point.
    ·  Camp with 30 points wins.

  • Mirror symmetric routes

      Your air route and the enemies’route have a mirror symmetry.

  • Chances for refigh

       Players get destroyed now have chances to get back to the fight again.Players will randomly reborn on the area of their force by parachuting.

  • Competition for resources

      3 air drops will be released every 5 minutes.2 of them,normal airdrop, will drop on both camps’ land and the left one,hyper airdrop, will drop on the central region.Half of the hyper resources randomly appears on the map while the others can only be found in central airdrops.

  • Rewards&Punishments

      Players can get some rewards like bullets and repairing packs when they destroy enemies.But players will lose all skill items、fire-control parts and armors if they are destroyed.Besides,most of the missions can be completed in this mode.And because players can get back to the fight for times,some missions can be finished more efficiently.

  • Camps confrontation
  • Mirror symmetric routes
  • Chances for refight
  • Competition for resources
  • Rewards&Punishments

The new composite armor is equipped on the front of the MK.6 to enhance its defence.

Change the steering deflection angle of shells to reduce the probabilities of ricochets.






Redesign of shop:new skin packs are coming!The same skin on different tanks will also look much different.

Optimization of physical performance:now players can feel the weight of tank from its moves and hit.