• 1.observe the flight route

    Planes take off after the game starts.Press the button“M” now to open the big map and observe the flight route.

    ps:flight route changes in each game.
  • the location

    Tanks can't fly to any area after parachuting.So it’s important to select a appropriate location for landing no matter how the route changes.Because big cities such as airport,military base and nuclear power plant are resource concentration,these places are your best choice to develope rapidly.Ofcourse rookies can go to remote villages—places lack of resource but enough for survival—to keep away from early death.

  • 3.mark the landing point

    Mouse click on the map to mark the landing point so that you can communicate with your teammates before the plane takes off.It can greatly increase your survival probability to land on the same point together with your teammates in multiplayer mode.